Rules & Regulations

Effective Date: 01 January 2021
These Terms of Service present services provided by CHECKMYBAG to the buyer(s) and constitute a service contract. They form a legally binding contract under which you, the buyer, agree to buy and authenticate item(s) via CHECKMYBAG. As a buyer, you agree to lose all rights to the uploaded photos or information, as they will become the property of CHECKMYBAG. Please read our Privacy Policy for information on the personal data collected by CHECKMYBAG.

The contract is based on the terms and conditions of the services provided by the company. To provide the service, it must be fully paid. CHECKMYBAG reserves the right to refuse or cancel the purchase or service order at its sole discretion and without warning.

The services of CHECKMYBAG are provided by competent and qualified experts with long-term training, expertise and practical experience. The services are provided based on the service order information submitted by the buyer(s); that is, a photograph and a description of each item submitted. The buyer has the right to ask for a second opinion from a third-party provider. CHECKMYBAG does not provide any warranties or insurance regarding the reliability and/or accuracy of the result of the service order.

CHECKMYBAG shall not be liable for any loss if the opinion concerning the service order is at any time rejected by a second or independent (third-party) opinion.

The service will only be performed if you, the buyer, provide the following items: a fully paid payment, visible, accurate, correct contact details, and photos of the item requiring the service. CHECKMYBAG will not be held liable if you, the buyer, do not provide information at the time of purchase or later. The buyer is responsible for the information sent to CHECKMYBAG.

The buyer understands and agrees that images provided as part of the first service order may be used in the report to demonstrate and confirm authenticity. The buyer understands and agrees that CHECKMYBAG is in no way related to any carrier belonging to a third party.

The prices quoted by CHECKMYBAG are not negotiable. CHECKMYBAG reserves the right to reassess or change the price of any service at any time. A service order placed will be performed only for the amount due at the time of purchase.

CHECKMYBAG will not reimburse the costs of a service order if the item is verified to be fake by another provider. CHECKMYBAG will not reimburse the service order if the buyer is unable to provide accurate and sharp images within 3 days, along with any additional photos requested.

CHECKMYBAG reserves the right to take legal action if the buyer forges or makes a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity, written statement, identification or verification of an item that is not related to the original certificate provided. Upon such change, the Certificate will no longer be valid and CHECKMYBAG will not be liable for the results of the actions and/or decisions of third parties or buyers as the contract will be terminated between the buyer and CHECKMYBAG.